Welcome to the website for ZevTex BV.

On this site we give you some insight into the possibilities that our products have to offer.

We are specialized in reengineering halogen- and gas discharge lamps to LED lighting in existing seaworthy armatures. Our experience teaches us that halogen- and gas discharge lamps are rather sensitive to outside influences, leading them to fail fairly often and causing much time-consuming annoyance.

The main advantages of our LED lighting:

  • Energy use is reduced from e.g. 1000 watts to 120 watts LED

  • Original armatures can remain on board

  • Our LED modules are IP65 and the driver IP67, both mounted to a stainless steel RVS316 plate, eliminating negative effects such as those from seawater

  • Not sensitive to schocks or tremors

  • Simulates working by daylight on deck

  • Armature can be  rebuilt to LED in 10 minutes

At present, we have rebuilds available for various types of Aqua-Signal and the Light-partner floodlight. Our product portfolio is updated regularly with new types of lamps – see the current offering on our web site.

Should your specific type of floodlight not be listed under Products, please fill out the contact form so that we can get in touch with you.

lamp op bolderhaven bij nacht